Unravel Fact from Fiction in your Digital World

fabricated is a travelling exhibition that helps citizens improve their digital literacy and prepare for the 2024 EU Parliamentary elections. In this interactive experience, they will learn about AI-generated news, misinformation, targeted advertising, and more. They will also have the chance to share your opinion on how digitisation is changing society.

fabricated was developed by the Sustainable Media Lab (SML) at Inholland University of Applied Sciences by Andy Sanchez and Susannah Montgomery. SML applies expertise in human rights, digital technologies, and user-focused design to create interactive experiences that help people to thoughtfully explore the role of technology in society.

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The Games

The Personal Press exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2023 Neslihan Can, Sukriti Garg, Kim de Vrij, Koen Weber

The Personal Press: In this hybrid installation, participants use physical dials to change the tone and political bias of an article in real time, through generative AI.
Developed by TU Delft students, Neslihan Can, Sukriti Garg, Kim de Vrij, and Koen Weber.

Verify This!: In this analog game, users are shown images or posts related to the election and learn about the various ways content can be manipulated. Our goal is to use localized examples for each display location.
Developed in partnership with Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Moderator Mayhem: In this digital game, users role play as a content moderator, presented with a barrage of controversial content they must quickly evaluate, illuminating the challenge of modern moderation.
Developed in partnership with Leveraged Play & Copia Institute

Influence Industry: This game adapts Tactical Tech’s current workshop materials about the industry associated with influencing voter opinion and perceptions.
Developed in partnership with Amber Macintyre, Tactical Tech

Who targets me?: This installation teaches participants about targeted political advertising, using real-world campaign ads and associated advertising personas. We’ll apply these tools through an interactive data visualization and a personalized generative AI experience of how users are targeted.
Developed in partnership with Sam Jeffers, Who Targets Me? and Matthias Oostrik

Exhibition Set-up

fabricated will consist of a modular exhibition setup to fit several different locations and their unique settings. For this purpose bespoke designed metal modules and printed fabric banners (with coded patterns) will be used to stage the different interactive exhibits. This will lead to an immersive modular installation, in which the audience can fully engage with the different aspects of mis:information.

Do enjoy games, not afraid to share your opinion and have a couple of hours to spare? Contact us to become an early tester of our exhibition games! We’re curious if and how much our games actually improve your digital literacy. All participants will receive a 30-euro gift card upon completion.

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