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Are you looking for a class dedicated to urgent issues facing society right now? Are you interested in the wide-ranging impacts of technology? Do you want to partner with nonprofits and government agencies to make a difference in your local community? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The Sustainable Media Lab (S[M]L) is a semester-long course focused on the impact of media and technology on society. We conduct research and generate content to help people understand the importance of these issues.

Our Mission

The Sustainable Media Lab brings together students, experts, and community members to explore new ways of thinking about the role of media and technology in society. Our lab is committed to making sure technology respects human rights and stands the test of time. Put another way, how can we make our digital infrastructure sustainable? We pursue these goals through semester-long research projects, which culminate in playful, pop-up, interactive displays for public engagement. By joining our lab, you’ll help us put our mission into action, and make these abstract, “invisible” problems concrete and visible for the local community.

The Student Research Projects

With the support of coaches and external stakeholders, you’ll work in teams to design playful and participatory exhibitions, experiences, and educational resources related to sustainable media. The goal of these exhibitions is to help everyday people become more aware of how technology impacts their lives, what their rights are online, and how different groups experience the digital world. To generate these exhibitions, you’ll­conduct­ field­ research ­on­ a ­target­ community,­ devise­different­ strategies­ to­ reach that audience, and receive feedback from experts on the best way to move forward. At the end of the semester, you’ll present your work for students, faculty, and the local community via multiple events.

Deep Dives and the “Newsroom”

To complement these research projects, students participate in “deep dives.” Each month, you’ll learn about a different contemporary issue in technology, including ­misinformation,­surveillance,­and ­bias­ in­artificial­ intelligence.­We ­provide­ lectures,­ workshops,­and­ field­ trips ­to ­give­ you ­a ­holistic ­understanding­ of ­these­ complex­ issues. But we also want you to apply this theoretical knowledge to the real world.
In our “Newsroom,” you’ll generate content to broadcast your newfound knowledge: you’ll write and publish articles, produce podcasts, print zines, and make social media posts. We provide you with many opportunities to exhibit your work for a general audience, so others can learn about what you’ve been working on.

Personal and Professional Development

We also provide extensive support for personal and professional development. Cultivating these skills is a life-long challenge, so we often focus on how you can pursue growth. In the lab, you’ll develop capabilities and skills essential for your future as a creative professional. We’ll provide you with weekly opportunities to look both within and outside yourself. Looking within will help you explore your ambitions, ­talents, ­and ­whatever­ sparks ­your ­internal­ fire.­The ­other­ focus ­is­ outwards: ­being­ a good professional, being emphatic to others, being aware of what’s happening around you, collaborating with people from different backgrounds, and taking ­responsibility­ in­ the world.­ We’ll­ help you reflect on ­your­ strengths ­and­assets ­as ­a­ team member, and most importantly, help you apply and develop those skills to make the right decisions in your project teams. Ultimately, we synthesize all the components of the classroom so that your professional development lends itself to developing high-quality exhibits for your research project.

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