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The Sustainable Media lab works on urgent topics that affect people around the globe. These issues will only become more important as our society becomes increasingly digital. The future of media must be sustainable.

The Sustainable Media Lab works with students from different disciplines, experts ­in ­a­ variety­ of­ fields,­ and local ­community­ members.­ We­ bring­ this diverse group together because issues in technology affect all of us, but they also affect all of us in different ways. As our society becomes more and more digitized, we want to ensure that everyone has a voice in how technology affects them and how we can reimagine technology to make a better world. We want that process to start with our students, so they can look more closely at media and the infrastructure around them and ask, Does this help people? Is this actually sustainable?

What Are Your Digital Rights?
“Digital rights” refers to the basic human rights that are applicable in the digital world. They encompass a wide range of issues, including access to the internet, access to accurate information, freedom of expression, the right to privacy, the right to be free of harassment, and the ability to participate in the digital economy, and others. But do you know your digital rights? Do your friends and family? These issues are often taken for granted, and because technology is so international, it’s not always clear who is responsible­ for ­protecting ­your digital­ rights. ­We ­must ­fight­ for­ these ­rights ­and­ raise­ awareness so that people can stay safe online.

Our Digital Rights Are Under Threat
Although the United Nations considers digital rights among our basic human rights, these rights are not ensured around the world. Authoritarian regimes can take away citizens’ internet access and inhibit their ability to mobilize and protest. Journalists and whistleblowers can have their personal information revealed and become subject to harassment and attacks. Even the United States doesn’t have a federal law protecting privacy online. Your work in the Sustainable Media Lab addresses an urgent, contemporary issue, and gives you the skill set to become an informed, active participant in the digital world.

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If there is an issue that you would like to investigate with us, or if you think your organisation could contribute to one of our projects, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to or if you know someone who would like to collaborate with us or get to know more about our lab, we invite you to contact us by sending an e-mail to

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Escape to Elect: Escape Rooms to Combat Political Misinformation  

Sustainable Media Lab Project Spring 2024 

The Sustainable Media Lab explores new ways of thinking about the role of technology in society. Every semester, our students develop portable, interactive exhibits on contemporary topics. In spring 2024, their focus will be on gamification for digital literacy. They’ll work with experts and engage with the local community to tackle digital misinformation ahead the 2024 European Parliamentary elections. These projects will center “digital rights” (that is, human rights in online spaces) to ensure that citizens are empowered to make informed political decisions. 


Our Goals 

This spring, our students will design an interactive, playful exhibit to prepare citizens for the 2024 European Parliamentary elections. They’ll work in teams to develop a series of puzzles styled after common manifestations of misinformation, culminating in an anti-misinformation escape room experience. This exhibit will be displayed in Amsterdam, and The Hague, with customizable details to incorporate actual advertisements and political information from local elections and candidates.  


Their exhibit will promote digital literacy and fair and informed elections. The playful, interactive nature of the escape rooms can significantly lower potential barriers to access accurate political information, thereby promoting civic participation. We will take a fun, informative, and localized approach will help communities to cohesively create an inclusive future of Europe for all. 


How You Can Help 

We have several opportunities to support our students and our greater mission. 

Involvement  Details 
Expert feedback 

Students will pitch their research findings and project designs at checkpoints throughout the semester. Your input will help refine their projects for maximum impact. 

Three Friday sessions from March-May (dates TBD) at Inholland Campus, The Hague.  
Project sponsor 

Provide financial, advisory, and networking support to help our students install their exhibits within Amsterdam and The Hague and reach a wider audience 

We will include your branding information with our exhibit and utilize your expertise to help make the projects successful. 
International collaboration 

Connect us with municipalities across Europe to expand our outreach and help ensure an informed electorate across the European Union. 

We would like to install this exhibit in other countries before the European Parliamentary elections on June 6-9, 2024. 

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