Digital Rights Expo

Digital Rights Expo


Digital Rights House Foundation  

About the partner

Digital Rights House helps make sure that everyone’s digital rights are respected in our society. They do this by creating opportunities for people and groups to be heard.


Design five interactive and portable prototypes surrounding digital rights to be exhibited at various events; The Digital Rights Expo.

Create awareness for the importance of safeguarding citizens’ digital rights, particularly within The Hague’s Morgenstond neighborhood.

Students dug into the impact of digital rights on the lives of the residents through conversations and engagement. Building on these insights, the three student groups created prototypes that each showcase a different aspect of digital rights. The project featured both virtual and physical exhibitions.

Digital Rights House played a crucial role in establishing the project and ensured that the final prototypes of the students would be exhibited at various events. This provided students with the opportunity to work with real partners and projects during their Elective Education and gain practical experience.

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