Your minor

Your minor

Bring your knowledge to life in a Living Lab

Are you ready to really bring your knowledge to life? Make an impact on things that matter? Collaborate as a Young Professional with entrepreneurs, municipalities, residents, researchers and students from different programs? Welcome to Inholland’s Living Labs. Your minor has never been this real. And your knowledge and skills have never been this relevant.

Check out the video below and read on to find out if a minor in a Living Lab is the best choice for you.

Why choose a Living Lab as your minor?

1. I want to concretely apply what I know and am capable of

“What I had learned in my education, I applied in the lab. If there is one thing I further shaped in the lab it is my communication skills.”

>>> Knowledge only becomes valuable when you apply it, preferably in an environment where it really matters. A Living Lab is exactly just such an environment. Here, you learn with and from the experts on the topic you choose. Meanwhile, they learn from you. Real situations, real issues, real solutions, real impact. That is what a Living Lab has to offer.

2. I want to grow in terms of my personal development

“Beforehand, I never thought I would learn so much.”

>>> Shape your people skills, grow as a young professional. At the Living Labs, you discover what you really care about and follow your own route to make an impact in society. So whatever your personal goals are: the free nature of the Living Labs gives you the opportunity to get out of it what matters to you.

3. I want to strengthen my job opportunities after graduation

“After the lab, I am now doing an internship abroad. I notice that I know how to deal with different stakeholders much better. I no longer do it ‘for someone’ but ‘with each other’.”

>>> You build your network. You learn how to deal with and relate to the interests and needs of many different stakeholders. And: you create a concrete product. Doing so, choosing a Living Lab as a minor undoubtedly strengthens your profile. And after you graduate, employers are only too happy to notice.

4. I want to challenge myself further

“In the lab, I gained creative skills that allow me to better deal with change; professionally and in my personal life.”

>>> Of course: you could follow a minor within the safe walls of college. Nothing wrong with that. But it might just get a little bit more exciting when dealing with complex issues, in an environment in the real world. Learning by doing, with the freedom to explore, co-working with a team of students from other programs, other colleges and even from other countries. Enough challenge, would you say?

5. I want to make social impact

“Working on social issues is important to me, because there is a lot going on in the world right now. I want to find out about my place and my potential to contribute.”

>>> All Living Labs are designed to make a real contribution to the world we live in. Choosing a Living Lab as a minor therefore means learning how to make a real impact, and discovering what kind of problems, questions and issues are important within this context.

6. I want to build a network

“At first I just wanted to be on the team with friends. Through the lab, I see that it works so much better in a group where different voices, backgrounds and qualities come together.”

>>> Living Labs bring together professionals from the field, motivated students (even from other countries), inspiring researchers and social partners. Surely you will grab such a valuable networking opportunity with both hands?

About our lab

Please note: this Living Lab is in English.

What could a more sustainable digital media future look like?

Our digital lives are taking off. For work or leisure, we now meet not only in physical life, but also virtually. And both in physical locations (neighbourhoods and streets) and in virtual spaces, we are observed and tracked without noticing. Technological developments take place so rapidly, that it is not always possible for policy makers and strategic decision makers to keep up. This leads them to be reactive in modern society and unaware of threats to citizens. Moreover, technology can lead to inequality and exclusion, as the so-called ‘Toeslagenaffaire’ in the Netherlands has shown.

The Sustainable Media Lab starts exactly at this intersection of digital media, tech and society. We work in consultation with local communities on innovative solutions in digital rights in the light of human rights and democracy.

Interested? Join us and discover what your footprint in a sustainable, inclusive media landscape can be. Partners: Digital Rights House, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, Municipality of The Hague, HIVOS.


Turn your minor into an experience with impact. For yourself and for society.

You can sign up starting Monday, November 27, 12:00 am until Sunday, January 7 at 11:59 pm at the latest.

Inholland students sign up here
External students sign up via KiesopMaat

So don’t wait too long, because full = full!

We could very well understand that you might still have some questions. Want to know more about what exactly to expect? Open to have an honest conversation with a student who has already completed a Living Lab as a minor? Or would you like to take a look inside one of the Living Labs before making your choice? No problemo! Share all your questions using the form below. We’d love to get in touch with you.

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